AI Engineer

Full time position at ZEPPELIN Inc. Tokyo, Japan



Vision, Mission, and Goals.

Our team believes that technology can give voice to world - wide stories. Our mission is to redefine how people connect and share information. We push every day the limits of artificial intelligence and computer vision, and these can be practically tested and quickly tracked for product development.

Our aim is to create a state of the art cognitive services and visual experience in Japan.

Why Video?

In the end, humans are visual species. It is undoubtedly one of the most useful ways to get to know the world around us. While we take it for granted, it's really complicated to make sense of the visual world.

We are working to automate processes that we as humans do on a daily basis, such as recognizing objects, following motion objects or understanding spatiality. Extending this intelligence to machines and deploying it on a large scale can not only help us improve user experience across our platforms, but also develop new human - machine interaction modalities.


Feelit is the platform where we test the latest and greatest of our technological achievements, our cultural research hypothesis and human futures.


  • Computer vision

    • Visual understanding

      • classification,

      • recognition,

      • detection,

      • segmentation,

      • summarization,

      • captioning,

      • VQA (visual question answering)

    • Content creation

    • video search

    • video deduplication

    • Video recommendation

    • 3D vision/3D reconstruction

    • Slam (simultaneous localization and mapping)

Programing languages

  • Python (required)

  • C++ or Rust (optional)


  • PyTorch

  • TensorFlow

  • Open CV

  • Numpy

  • Pandas

  • Scikit-learn


  • Content moderation (for videos and text)

  • Short video recommendation system


  1. A Master's degree or ph.d in computer science and engineering or related field with statistical background.

  2. Patents or research papers published in the field of artificial intelligence, specifically in computer vision.

  3. Ability to read, write, and speak English idiomatically.

  4. Ability to deliver solutions that work in mobile apps such as iOS and Android apps.

  5. Ability to write algorithms and explain complex concepts to executives.