Beta Tester for FEELIT iOS app




FEELIT is an app that lets you capture and share your experiences, and moments as videos. The best part: our AI edits your clips.

We need people to test a beta version of our iOS app for functionality, and usability.

We use Testflight to beta test our App.


To satisfactorily complete this job you must:

  • Own an iPhone (running iOS 11.0 or newer).

  • Sign up for Slack (with our invite) or already have a Slack account

  • Download the app and its updates (via testflight) and read patch notes

  • Have an active internet connection (3G, 4G, or WiFi)

  • Use the app & its features everyday (at least 10 minutes)

  • Complete Feedback form (about 2 minutes)

  • Continuously provide feedback (both good and bad)

  • Report Bugs, Exploits, etc.

  • Engage in discussions (tell us about yourself, how you use the app, small talk etc.)

  • Communicate with the Beta Manager and Developers (on Slack)

You may share your opinions, views, and experience about this app on social media, vlogs, podcasts and blogs. 

How to Apply

Click the Apply button or write to us at with the Job title as Subject.

Please include a valid email or icloud email and your timezone in the body of your application.

On boarding

Successful applicants will be contacted by the Beta Manager, who will help you get started with the App, Slack and Testflight.


Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Please contact your Beta Manager if you have any concerns.


  • You will be paid $15 (USD) per month
  • You'll receive an honorary beta tester badge (that you can keep forever!)
  • There's a chance to win a bonus from optional Incentives (Quests, Bug bounty, etc.)


In addition to the standard beta test procedure & rates, we will publish Quests every month. These are larger tasks that should be completed with specific requirements.

Quests are optional and rewards are usually up to $100 (USD) per quest. There are no restrictions on how many quests you may complete.

They are strictly evaluated based on content quality, accuracy and popularity at the time of submission.