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Creative Innovation Competition

We Create New Autonomous Car World




There are times when you feel that you are riding a car usually. Driving a car is very tiring. It carries a big risk. I can not do anything during the traveling time. However, the era of automatic driving vehicles to overcome such troubles is approaching. What future, what kind of world will we make in that era? We will hold this competition to create creative and people-shining future.




Global Competition

We recruit all ideas and realization methods and technologies related to the world that automatic driving vehicles bring from all over the world. Application method is posted on Youtube after creating a video within 1 minute. Just fill out the link on the application form below.

Presentation (Skype)

Teams chosen in the primary screening will be asked for a presentation at the secondary screening. Presentation of the contents of the team to the judges within 10 minutes. Presentations will be made at a conference such as Skype.


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Prize and Partnership

After that, judges will conduct rigorous judgments and make announcements of prizes. The selected team will proceed to business matching with the company sponsored.


Winning prize : $10,000

Business Matching with Sponsor Companies





Satoshi Nakajima

After graduating and working as a researcher for NTT, he took A position with Microsoft Japan, after which he moved to Microsoft's headquarters in 1989. Satoshi was the chief architect for Windows 95 and 98, as well as Internet Explorer 3.0 and 4.0. Departing from Microsoft in 2000, he founded UIEvolution Inc.


Catherine Gonzalez

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Ditail of competition


Creative Innovation Competition - Autonomous Car World -
Purpose of the event : To create a new world in the age of automatic driving
Application period : December 15, 2017 - January 31, 2018
Eligibility : No age limit, can apply from all over the world
Winning prize money : 1 million yen
Sponsor : HONDA / TOYOTA / DENSO / KDDI / Nikon / SoftBank / NTT Resonant / Makmax