KDDI Creative Partnership

KDDI Agile Development Center is responsible for creating numerous services for its brand. ZEPPELIN was invited to partner with KDDI teams in order to recognize bottlenecks and improve their methodology. We have enhanced design thinking across members as well as fostered customer-centric approach. Above components are now point of departure for every new project that we collaboarate on.


KIRIN event

The event has nurtured a relationship between KIRIN brand and its customers. We could hear numerous stories, empathize with consumers expectations and learn about their ambitions for the upcoming decades. Refining a clear and compelling value proposition was key for KIRIN team. 


goo UX Branding

goo is one of digital pioneers of Japan. They launched its portal together with search engines 20 years ago. The industry has matured and teams have changed over time. After two decades, goo leaders have expressed a desire to re-focus. ZEPPELIN's unique branding process has helped to re-discover partner's strengths and qualities. goo members re-gained their enthusiasm and found joy in creating new services. 


NTT docomo dPoint

dPoint offers a smooth and hassle free experience of users' loyalty card, store coupons as well as numerous discounts and promotions. We designed device agnostic service that is available on iOS, Android and PC. Its clarity and ease of use elevate docomo's corporate vision of "creating natural life".



Enjoy your coffee through the application that cooperates with Nescafé Gold Blend Barista machine. Coffee connoisseurs can use a menu-based interface for fine-tuning their preferred taste. Alarms and social features add an extra layer of joy to a cup of their favorite cappuccino. 


NIKON UX Branding

The project clarifies Nikon’s fundamental idea, discovering the way to confront future; culminating in a strategy for business and new product development.  ZEPPELIN synthesized company philosophy, vision and delivered brand new imaging experience for Nikon users.



Simple Smartphone is a device dedicated to senior citizens. ZEPPELIN together with SoftBank team have created the UX/UI of a great clarity and integrity. We have designed Information Architecture and revamped Android OS flows. The product is a convincing and easy to operate device for less tech-savvy users.



ZEPPELIN has planned, designed, and developed dmenu news Application. It helps users daily by answering the questions - "Which information sources can we trust?” and “What kind of information is most relevant?”. We followed agile development process, Core UX was followed by value enhancement features.



Imagine a dedicated tablet device for your handwritten notes. Toshiba TruNote delivers on the promise. It is simple yet capable of taking and managing everything that you scribble. TruNote and its dedicated stylus keep users focused on a task; no distractions, no notifications, just pure note taking experience.  


By rethinking complexity of car dashboard interfaces, ZEPPELIN planned, designed, implemented UX/UI and developed voice/touch controlled automobile dashboard. Users’ past choices, routine behavior and daily destinations were recognized and delivered at the right time. 



“Recommended Movies” is a TV experience that introduces number of useful services together with exciting video content to enjoyed on Sony’s BRAVIA TV. This service was released as Sony’s first Android Application for a Smart TV lineup. Planning, design, and development.



The event gathered music lovers of different backgrounds. For most of us it was the 1st session with an instrument. Supported by professional musicians we explored limits and stepped beyond ones comfort zone. We could improvise, learn and as a result perform John Coltrane's "My Favorite Things" together.  



Being lost in a foreign country without knowing its language is no longer an issue. Docomo Handwriting Translation App allows users to scribe needed phrase on a screen, translated text will appear right away. Foreigners can easily find a taxi stand, order green tea or ask for directions to desired attraction.