HR Specialist

Full time position at ZEPPELIN Inc. Tokyo, Japan



Human Resources Specialist

[Job Description]

We are looking for a compassionate and open-minded Human Resources Specialist to join our team in Tokyo, Japan. We welcome candidates who are willing to support our rapid growth and expansion. You will be responsible for the overall scope of Human Resources, including recruitment procedures, communication with candidates as well as supporting ZEPPELIN’s evaluation system. Ultimately, you will foster a healthy workplace by ensuring our HR procedures run smoothly at all times. This role is dedicated for bilingual candidates who are fluent in both Japanese and English.

[Role and Responsibilities]

  • Acquire and update VISA (via an Administrative Scrivener)

  • Check attendance record and payroll transfer work

  • Engage with a Certified Social Insurance Labor Consultant (regarding bonuses, salary increase, year-end adjustment, etc.)

  • Coordinate medical examinations’ scheduling

  • Cooperate with management team to improve personnel evaluation and respond to changes in office regulations or working style

  • Create and edit employment contracts and communicate with candidates during the onboarding process

  • Handle hiring and exit processes

  • Schedule interview dates and actively participate in the hiring process

  • Seek optimal ways to recruit the best Crew members

  • Build and maintain relationships with recruiting agents

  • Manage online recruitment platforms

[Your skills]

  • 2+ years of experience as HR Specialist or HR Generalist

  • Commitment to quality combined with excellent time management and planning skills

  • Work efficiency and comfort with multi-tasking

  • Ability to take initiative and carry effective decision making in a changing business environment

  • Great verbal and written communication skills

  • Native level of Japanese and fluency in English is required


ZEPPELINはこれから爆発的に成長します。それに伴い、人材も急激に増え続ける弊社にお いて、継続的な成長を支えてくれる人事労務を募集します。

「WE CREATE BEAUTIFUL WORLDS」をビジョンに掲げ、デジタルイノベーションを起 していくために日々変化する環境で、自主的に行動していくクルーを支えつつ、後押しする ことがミッションです。これまでの経験を糧に、これからの自分を磨きつつ、一緒にダイ バーシティ溢れる組織を作っていきましょう。


入退社手続き等の労務周りメインに担当しつつ、採用におけるスケジュール調整や経営陣の指示による人事 評価のサポート業務など幅広くお任せします。

・社労士対応(賞与、昇給、年末調整など) ※月1回MTGあり
・健康診断予約 ・経営陣と連携し、人事評価の運用や就業規則/勤務体系の変更対応
・入退社説明/対応 ・募集方法の検討やエージェントとのリレーション構築
・応募者/候補者への連絡、日程調整、面談 ※その他にも業務をお願いする可能性があります