Sales and Communication

Full time position at ZEPPELIN Inc. Tokyo, Japan



Sales and Communication Lead

[Job Description]

We are looking for a mature and motivated Sales and Communication Lead with multidisciplinary experience to join our ZEPPELIN Crew in Tokyo, Japan. We welcome passionate, results-oriented strategic thinkers, who can identify with Human-Centered Design. You will be responsible for creating new partnerships, driving company sales as well as inspiring prospective business ventures. This role is dedicated for bilingual candidates with international exposure and global perspectives.

[Role and Responsibilities]

Surface and establish partnerships, and act as a primary representative of ZEPPELIN Products and Services to the outside world. You are capable of building long-term relationships with new and existing partners. Deep understanding of, and experience in Sales and Communication is key to enhancing ZEPPELIN significance and value. This role requires design sensibilities, business acumen and empathy. You bring at least 6 years of experience in areas such as business development, sales, consulting and strategy.

Additional experience might include:

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills (in both Japanese and English)

  • Strategic and judicious decision-making with diligent, consistent follow-through

  • Comfort with, and excitement for engaging with senior executives

  • Presentation skills and storytelling to diverse audiences - communities, partners, investors or other stakeholders

  • High level of competence, up-to-date with latest industry trends and best practices

  • Mentoring and coaching our partner facing Crew in order to increase productivity and business performance

  • Developing sales strategy and company sales procedures that contribute to ZEPPELIN success

  • Strong analytical skills and great intuition backed up with data-driven thinking

  • Ability to take initiative and carry effective decision making in a constantly-changing business environment

  • Excellent time management and planning skills

  • Proven negotiation skills (including ability to resolve disputes)

  • BA/BS degree in a relevant field of study (MBA is a plus)

  • Native level of Japanese and fluency in English is required



ZEPPELINでは熱量高くも、結果重視でロジカルな思考をお持ちのセールス・コミュニケーションリーダーを募集しています。 会社が事業を前進させるために必要な売上に対し、短期/中長期的な戦略を構築し、自ら実行推進することがミッションです。


  • 会社事業の発展に向けた事業戦略の策定/実行

  • 営業チーム立ち上げ、営業戦略策定、営業プロセス構築し、売上目標の達成

  • 新規/既存の顧客との長期的なパートナー関係の構築/維持

  • セールスコミュニケーションメンバーの育成



  • 事業開発、営業、コンサルティングのいずれかの領域における経験(6年以上)

  • メンバーの育成を含む部署におけるマネジメント経験

  • ビジネスレベル以上の日本語および英語スキル

  • 役職に関係なく、積極的かつ対等にコミュニケーションが取れる

  • 周りを引き込めるだけのストーリー性の高いプレゼンテーションスキル

  • 最新の業界動向とベストプラクティスを常にアップデートをしている

  • 社内外様々な人を巻き込んだプロジェクトを主体者として完遂させた経験

  • あらゆるステークホルダーとWin-Winの関係を築ける優れた交渉力

  • データドリブン思考を持ち、強力な分析スキルと秀でた直感力

  • 変化の激しいビジネス環境において、イニシアティブを発揮し、スピーディかつ一貫した戦略的な意思決定を行える

  • タイムマネジメント能力に優れ、計画性を発揮できる方